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Top 10 BMX Bikes

No matter your feelings towards lists, at some point you’re going to have to acknowledge that they exist, just as you must come to terms with the fact that there are more BMX bikes out there on the market than you can shake your puncture repair kit at. I’ll admit that I’m just as overwhelmed as the average moderately-knowledgeable enthusiast of the two-wheeled method of engineless transport when it comes to choosing a bike, particularly when it comes to the BMX class of bicycles. Therefore, I’ve scoured the internet and called on my experience to whip up a list of the best BMX bikes that are available to buy on Amazon; they’re even accompanied by some direct links so that you don’t even have to trouble yourself with a Google search if you feel like investigating them further. These bikes aren’t in any strict order of quality; the numbers are merely a method of differentiating one bike from the next, though some of the better bikes will feature towards the top. 

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Latest Games

Nitro Ninjas

screenshot of nitro ninjas game

Witness ninjas performing their own stunts while flying in mid-air on a motorbike in Nitro Ninjas, a game whose title promises an eventful ride. Collect shurikens and perform mid-air acrobatics; just make sure to land the bike or you’re going to bite the dust, hard.

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BMX Master

screenshot of bmx master game

Generic rock music with a guitar solo that plays over the top of some BMX stunt action? I could probably go for a few minutes of that, and so should you. Perform 7 unique tricks mid-air and try not to stack the landing in this biking game that drops the engine but keeps the fun.

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Hell Chopper

screenshot of hell chopper game

To hell with four-wheeled vehicles, everyone knows that a velocipede with no more than two wheels is the superior ride! Hell Chopper agrees in the strongest possible sense by existing as a flash game that goes a long way to proving the above statement to be true, at least for the purposes of entertainment!

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Nitro Ninjas 2

If science itself had an extra five minutes to spare, it would most definitely conclude through careful research and extensive calculation that the original Nitro Ninjas - in which you get to perform stunts on a fast-moving bike being ridden by a ninja - is a ridiculously entertaining affair whose brilliance is equally as immense as it’s level of addictiveness can be said to be. With science giving the thumbs up to Nitro Ninjas, one can only envisage a world in which Nitro Ninjas 2 exists in order to be evaluated in a quantifiable fashion by game-ologists all around the world. Until such an age dawns upon us, we’re stuck with mere ideas on what the game could be like, but don’t for a second underestimate the power of conjecture, or the effectiveness of pure imagination: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory runs on the stuff. Below are merely a few musings on what features I feel the sequel could and most definitely should contain.

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BMX Master 2

Travelling on two wheels seems to be all the rage for some people; mainly BMXers and bike enthusiasts, of course, but it is a popular mode of transport nonetheless amongst the young and daring, and occasionally the old and over-spandexed fitness enthusiast that seem to insist on cycling long distances whilst maintaining position directly in front of your car on a long journey. BMX Master is a game that lets you thrash out a selection of moves on your pedal-powered, bi-wheeled mode of transport, but what about the future of the game? BMX Master 2 could be on the horizon, so here are a few ideas and suggestions that would smooth over some of the wrinkles of the original and add to its unexplainable potential for gaming addiction.

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