3D Bike Games

3D Bike Games – Because two wheels are better experienced in three dimensions

Though we all have quite an affinity for the 2D flash game deep down, nothing beats a bit of 3D action every once in  a while. I can play games such as Cyclomaniacs and Alex Trax until the cows make their way home, but there’s just something about the freedom of movement and the closer attention to detail that 3D games provide which 2S ones simply cannot. We have a rich collection of 3D bike games here at Virtual Bike ranging from the sensible and classic to the downright insane and eccentric. So even if you are quite experienced with the classics like Super Hang On (which held its own in spite of extremely basic, barely-2D graphics), give some of our 3D games a try since the increased realism and provision for innovation is superior to that of standard flash-based bike games.

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Classic Biking

Speaking of Super Hang on, perhaps one of the most popular and comprehensive simulations of motorbike racing is Super Bike Nation. The style is very reminiscent of the aforementioned Sega classic only with some impressive 3D graphics and increased provision for customisation of your bike and its various parts. You can take your time progressing through your career, earning money, and upgrading/swapping out parts of your bike so that you can become the best racer out there, or simply involve yourself in a few races here and there if you’re a bit starved for time.

If you like your biking traditional but with an extreme twist, then Motocross Fever has all your dirt-biking needs covered since you can race and perform airborne tricks for cash; see if you can string a few tricks together for increased cash bonuses and big cheers from the crowds. Though it may not have all the atmosphere and thrills of real-life Motocross, it will suffice for a quick thrill.

Sans Engine

Should you not be a fan of the ultra-high speed then how about slowing the pace down a little but upping the freestyle trickery with BMX Freestyle? This is another brilliant shockwave-based game that lets you be creative with your tricks in an open-bowl environment. Simply use the directional controls to control the movement of your bicycle and the X key in conjunction with one of the four directional arrows whilst airborne to perform tricks.

ESPN even have their own BMX game as well in the form of BMX Park which plays more like a BMX track with ramps and quarter-pipes with certain point-based goals to meet by the end of each round.


This one needed its own category both because of how awesome it is and the fact that it is the only Tron-based game on here. If you can get past the fact that the game is set entirely in the Russian language (at least I believe this is the language I’m seeing), you get to experience high-speed bike racing in true Tron style: try to beat your enemies and let them eat your trail of harmful light whilst avoiding theirs in this incredible 3D game.