BMX Master 2 Game

BMX Master 2 Game has not yet been developed, but can you imagine a world in which this game exists? We can, which is why you can read our ideas for a sequel below. Can't wait for the future? Why not play some of our other Bike Games listed further down the page?

BMX Master 2 - Ideas for a sequel to correct the flaws and add to the successes of the original

Break the Cycle

Travelling on two wheels seems to be all the rage for some people; mainly BMXers and bike enthusiasts, of course, but it is a popular mode of transport nonetheless amongst the young and daring, and occasionally the old and over-spandexed fitness enthusiast that seem to insist on cycling long distances whilst maintaining position directly in front of your car on a long journey. BMX Master is a game that lets you thrash out a selection of moves on your pedal-powered, bi-wheeled mode of transport, but what about the future of the game? BMX Master 2 could be on the horizon, so here are a few ideas and suggestions that would smooth over some of the wrinkles of the original and add to its unexplainable potential for gaming addiction...continue reading

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On the Flip Side

One of the most noticeable faults with the original BMX Master was the infuriating inability to turn around to face forward again after pressing ‘enter’ to switch the rider’s direction. I may be making a grave mistake here, perhaps demonstrating an irritating unawareness of standard real-life BMX procedure that dictates you can only turn around once and must remain this way until you restart the game. Unfortunately, attempting a restart in real life will almost certainly result in the permanent absence of it, and I’m guessing that the likely explanation of this ‘one-way system’ is that it is a bug. BMX Master 2 could do with being a little more bug-free, and the spelling of the text in the game could benefit from a little proof reading while they’re at it.

Mix it Up

The selection of moves in the original is actually quite diverse for a biking game, but we can always do with more ways of potentially falling and failing miserably. Failing the inclusion of more moves, then there could be an option to perform particular move combinations with moves that are designed to be used in conjunction with each other. The combo moves of the original are ok, but these merely indicate that you have managed to do one move after the other, which isn’t really that difficult.

Super Jump

I think you probably know where I’m going with this one, but how about it, huh? Can’t we all dream about having the ability to jump higher and higher? Nitro Ninjas allows a boost function that is activated by achieving enough moves in succession to build up your ‘nitro meter’. A similar feature could make for a more interesting game to play.

Bike Shop

It may seem like an obvious one, but those of us in the flash gaming world enjoy a good upgrade every now and then. BMX Master 2 simply needs to offer us the option of upgrading our bike for better models with better brakes, seats, tyres, and weights for enhancing our ability to perform out tricks.  

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