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Cycle Games – Slowing things down with the best of the sans-engine bicycles

Perhaps some people out there are of the opinion that maybe there’s something inherently manly and tough about zipping around at hundreds of miles an hour with nothing but two wheels, an engine, and a super-light frame between you and probable skin grafts as well as months of physical rehabilitation: these people are usually the ones that haven’t ever ridden in their life. While motorcycle racing can be a great thing to watch and an even greater thing to play for free online, we mustn’t forget about the plain old fun of cycling and cycling-related stunts. I definitely prefer cycle games over the motorcycle kind because generally, there are more opportunities for stunts, and nothing feels better than landing a ridiculously elaborate, 9-revolution front flip perfectly and carrying on like it was nothing: it wasn’t nothing, it was something, and I’d like it if everyone could appreciate the gravity of what I just pulled off. Whether you’re appreciative of this gravity or not, we’ve got a great collection of cycle games for you to experience, and here’s just a bit about just a few of them.

Kicking things off with the Cyclomaniacs series, you’ve got a good deal of stunt-performing and race-winning to do in the original, as well as Cyclomaniacs 2, Cyclomaniacs Epic, and also Gregmaniacs. Each of these games involves performing stunts on a push-bike whilst racing against other people attempting to do the same. Flips can be performed to full up your boost meter and a variety of bikes/riders can be acquired, with the former undergoing regular upgrades if you manage to earn enough money during each level to make this happen.

Kano Games’ Free Rider series brings you an entirely original concept whereby you are able to create your own tracks as well as try out those that have been created by others. Each Free Rider game is physics based like Cyclomaniacs, but instead of racing you simply have to test out the various track creations from players around the world, each with their own set of obstacles and unique features that make the game supremely interesting to play. Even the most recent game of the series, Free Rider 3, is a little basic in design though, with levels designed using only basic lines and objects, though it is a refreshing departure from the norm nonetheless.

One of our most popular games is BMX Master, which involves yet more physics-based action that is simple yet supremely entertaining, allowing you to ride and perform various tricks in the air. BMX Pro Style is similar in approach but with front and rear brakes to use as well as a comparatively complex array of moves to perform, this one is only for the true BMX head or regular visitor of Vital BMX

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