Hacked Bike Games

You know what really grinds my gears? When a website doesn’t offer me the option of playing a hacked version of my favourite flash game, that’s what. This is a surprisingly common occurrence that can leave people either stuck with time-consuming tasks like playing any difficult, time-consuming game the hard way (training and evolving Pokémon without hacks) or simply too infuriated to not go looking elsewhere for their hacked game fix. Luckily, we at Virtual Bike understand the value of not having to grind endlessly with flash games that are only intended to be light-hearted and short-lived affairs anyway; why put in all the effort when you’ve got hacked games doing lots of the hard stuff for you? We share the same sentiment and would in turn like to share our hacked bike games collection with you.

Of all the games that one is likely to most need hacks for, Jonny Backflip is probably the most notable. Its brand of physics-based bike fun involves performing many tricks whilst also balancing the bike, which are pretty difficult tasks to master without getting very frustrated. Luckily, hacks including god mode, infinite fuel, nitro, and upgrade points make the experience a little easier and less time consuming.

We’ also got all of the Uphill Rush games hacked for your enjoyment as well. Though these games aren’t initially that difficult, if you venture further into the later cups and various tracks you can unlock, you’ll find yourself becoming more challenged to the point where the game can eat up your time. Try out these physics-based vehicular stunt-racing games out with various hacks applied such as being able to toggle your nitro boost, the ability to win a level instantly, and a huge quantity of money to buy upgrades with, and with the number of upgrades available in Uphill Rush 6 Hacked, you won’t regret cheating at  all!

If you’re a big fan of the Cyclomaniacs games but don’t like the fact that it can take quite a while to actually get anywhere and attain the necessary upgrades to be able to compete in the harder races, then we’ve got them all hacked here for your convenience. Particularly entertaining is Cyclomaniacs Epic Hacked since it has a huge array of different riders and upgrades to attain as well as tracks to experience, with various achievements and Easter eggs to discover, and all this with the benefits that the hacks bring you, with many of them courtesy of Arcade Pre Hacks.

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Here is a list of bike games not yet hacked.