Motocross Bike Games

Sure it can be fun to razz around on a motorbike in a tradition racing setting, with tarmacadam beneath your tires for grip and stability as well as a flat track that allows for some precise and careful manoeuvring, but not all of us fans of prefer to be on the metaphorical vanilla that is standard motorbike racing. Some people need a little bit more thrill in their ride, and a select few of these people to the only sport that can possibly give them such a thrill: Pro Motocross. Forget solid ground underneath your bike; dirt is your only friend now and you can leave your traditional motorbike at the door when you come in since it’s dirt bikes only in this section of our bike games website. We’ve got a collection of Motocross games that will put others to shame, so take a small tour of what we have to offer.

Perhaps the most entertaining and well-designed piece of Motocross entertainment we have is the sublime Motocross Nitro. This is a pure motocross game viewed from the third person and at a jaunty angle as you race over various bumps and obstacles, performing various tricks in the air as you go. You can earn money as you perform these tricks as well as boosting your nitro; your nitro boost will allow you to blast off from the hills at great speed, facilitating trick combinations and your safe passage across various obstacles. Don’t forget to balance your rider though, since landing awkwardly will hurt you in terms of race position and falling head-first off the bike. This game is in full 3D and runs on the unity engine as well, making it more versatile than many 3D titles.

If you’re after a Motocross course of a more elaborate nature, you can’t beat the ridiculously complex courses of Tiger Cross. If you can put up with some overly-sensitive response to movement controls, Tiger Cross has a huge obstacle course/run for you to ride through and includes other vehicles such as quad bikes,

Arena Motocross is the name of the semi-amusingly named Braap Braap’s game, with dirt biking in front of an audience in an arena whilst you race against others and perform various tricks after pre-loading your jump with the space bar. Sensitive movement controls seem characteristic of these kinds of games, so these take a bit of getting used to but it’s definitely worth it.

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