Nitro Ninjas 2 Game

Nitro Ninjas 2 - Ideas for a sequel, because the world needs more ninjas performing tricks on superbikes

Scientifically-Proven Fun

If science itself had an extra five minutes to spare, it would most definitely conclude through careful research and extensive calculation that the original Nitro Ninjas - in which you get to perform stunts on a fast-moving bike being ridden by a ninja -  is a ridiculously entertaining affair whose brilliance is equally as immense as it’s level of addictiveness can be said to be. With science giving the thumbs up to Nitro Ninjas, one can only envisage a world in which Nitro Ninjas 2 exists in order to be evaluated in a quantifiable fashion by game-ologists all around the world. Until such an age dawns upon us, we’re stuck with mere ideas on what the game could be like, but don’t for a second underestimate the power of conjecture, or the effectiveness of pure imagination: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory runs on the stuff. Below are merely a few musings on what features I feel the sequel could and most definitely should contain.

More Moves, More Ways to Move

One of the fantastic things about Nitro Ninjas, and indeed one of the features that the gameplay is heavily based on is the performing of mid-air manoeuvres that your average ninja would be proud of, particularly since the people riding the bike also happen to be ninjas. The original allows us a selection of 4 moves, so naturally Nitro Ninjas 2 needs to deliver a wider range of aerial acrobatics options. How about 5, or 7, or even a crazy selection of 10? More extreme manoeuvres involving swords and shurikens would  be welcome, and even combination moves that are connected to each other resulting in your points multiplying into triple or quadruple digits! While we’re at it, how about some manual control of the moves to increase the difficulty aspect? Just some classic Mortal Kombat-style move triggers like up, up, left, down, or any other combination of keys would be an improvement on simply pressing a number.

Edit My Ride

For a game that contains so much two-wheeled action, there doesn’t appear to be much provision to customise the bike that you spend so much of your time riding. It has become almost customary in the flash games of today to be able to customise your character, vehicle, weapon, surroundings, and a huge variety of other features. No harm could come from Nitro Ninjas 2 allowing us to add a splash of colour to our two-wheel ninjamobile or even the ninja himself. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow us to upgrade our bike to improve its performance further than the simple turbo function that occasionally provides so increased momentum to our ride.


Though I enjoyed the original, the general I found from online reviews was that the game is much too easy. I formed part of that consensus because indeed the original is much too simple, with all the moves being performed automatically at the press of a button and no punishment for repeated dismounting aside from having to restart once in a while. Perhaps Nitro Ninjas 2 could show us the meaning of taking a ‘hard ride’ by increasing the complexity of the terrain and reducing the relative ease of balancing the bike

Second Chances

A final and decidedly minor point is that falling off your bike could be made a little more interesting, such as the inclusion of an opportunity to hop back on if you perform a certain move or stop a ‘hop-on’ gauge at the right moment. 

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