BMX Games Online

There's really nothing like letting go on a BMX.  The fun to be had is only limited to the skills and abilities of the individual rider, after all. Fortunately, for those of us that aren't quite as skilled as those Red Bull BMXers, or even your average BMXer you'll find tearing up and upsetting the people in the local skate park, there's always this collection of BMX games to get you involved without requiring astronomical levels of skill

By far our most popular and indeed accessible BMX game is BMX Master. This is a very simple game that really only involves heading up and down a set of ramps, performing tricks as you go. There are a few modes to speak of such as Championship Mode, but this one is for the BMX fan that enjoys launching from a ramp, performing some tricks, and repeating as necessary.

If you're looking for something a bit more free and open world-like, head to the BMX Free Style game page. Here you will find a game that has a little more freedom of enjoyment than BMX Master. You can choose different stages to ride around in, as well as being able to choose your character you'll ride as and also the bike you'll be using to ride around on. This is a game whose fun progresses over time as you can unlock these various stages, riders, and bikes as you go along. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, only with a BMX instead of a skateboard - this is a comparison that serves to work in BMX Free Style's favour.

Die-hard fans of classic SNES gaming will definitely appreciate the animated antics of Toon BMX Race, a game that attempts to replicate the scenery of Mario whilst having a few characters from gaming's past that you might recognise including Ash from Pokemon and Bart Simpson from, well, The Simpsons. This is fairly simple game and isn't the most professionally-designed you'll ever see, but it's a bit of shallow fun nonetheless.

Two great side-view bike games are Bicycle Run and Alex Trax. Both of these games offer cycling fun set from the side-view perspective, the former involving multiple levels that are unlocked as you complete them and which involve betting a stake on your performance, and the latter being a more physics-based affair where careful control of your balance is essential if you're going to progress through the game.

And for those of you that are more prone to be browsing the pages of Bike Mag than seen riding a BMX, you can also opt to have a go at Mountain Bike, a game that's time-based and involves navigating your bike across a trail whilst maintaining balance - the moment you topple over you're back to the start!

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