Super Bike Games

In the off chance that you’re having trouble choosing from out many categories, Super Bike games seem to be one of the most popular choices of motorbike game on our site. Super Bike games have it all, from ridiculously high speeds to a competitive element and the chance to race around various tracks that require more precision and finesse than clumsy BMX riding or the games in our Motocross section. Super Bike games are all about the high-performance machinery and the careful guiding of this machinery around tracks that are designed to challenge, entertain, and occasionally infuriate. You’ll find various games to suit your preferences here, whether they lean towards the more traditional and straight-laced motorbike game or are of a more outlandish and eccentric nature, we should have the game for you.

Superbike GP takes the motorcycle grand prix game genre back to basics with some instantly-playable racing action that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a few laps around a track. The graphics are simple, the sounds are amateur at best, and there’s not too much replay value to speak of, but it can set you up for the feel of high-speed racing without all of the bells and whistles to distract you

Should you be looking for something more elaborate in its experience, there’s always Drift N Burn 4, a game that takes the motorcycle racing genre and dips it in bright neon colours for starters. The main course is the gameplay, which involves a variety of races from straight-up competitive placing to elimination races. You have a selection of motorcycles to choose from here, with some being unlocked as you play through the game; each bike has different stats such as speed and handling, so switching bikes can result in an entirely different experience. This is one of the best motorcycle games on this site, and I highly recommend it, along with Tron Light Cycle, which is similar in design but more straightforward in its gameplay.

Nitro Ninjas is a notable title in this category as well, and has become rather popular in the racing game sphere in general. It’s a 2D experience viewed from a side-on perspective, but this doesn’t make it any less entertaining: there are stunts galore in this game, with a variety of moves to pull off, turbo boosts to used, and hundreds of shurikens to collect. Plus, you can’t argue with a game that involves controlling ninjas riding motorcycles.