Uphill Rush Games

Six of One..

If you’ve made it this far to Virtual Bike, you’ll know that we have quite a diverse range of two-wheeled entertainment to throw your way. Everything from the traditional motorbike-style games to BMXing and Motocross can be enjoyed here, but this section is dedicated solely to a series of games that don’t really conform to any single genre very comfortably. I’m talking about the Uphill Rush series of games, which are really racing games at their core with some provision for stunts, but they are also dipped in a generous amount of eccentricity, making them an extremely fun and rather unpredictable set of games to entertain yourself with. There are six of the insane racing masterpieces, and the beauty about them is that you can see them develop as you play through them, with the first being fairly raw in nature and the sixth possessing a great deal of polish and refinement that the previous games simply didn’t have. So whether you’re a regular on Vital BMX, a Motocross Junkie, or simply enjoy a good racing game, we’ve got six of these bad boys to offer you.

The original Uphill Rush was of course where everything started, with the game introducing us to a few basic tracks and a choice between a few vehicles (bikes, quads, monster trucks etc. As with all the games that followed it, Uphill Rush is physics-based and therefore requires you to race across various tracks in a side-scrolling fashion whilst balancing the your rider to make sure he doesn’t fall off: doing so requires you to start again.

Uphill Rush 2 is where the customisation aspect of the series truly entered and gave way to a new level of control over the look of your character and the nature of your vehicle. With each cup you choose comes an increasingly varied selection of vehicles such as motorbikes, skateboards, surfboards and more.

Post-Uphill Rush 2 really sees the series take the customisation to an extreme level, with Uphill Rush 3 offering extreme choices of garment, vehicle, controls and colours. It begins to get ridiculous in Uphill Rush 4, with even more choice of customisation, stunts, and vehicles such as horses, sheep, and snowmobiles.

What you can expect from Uphill Rush 5 and Uphill Rush 6 is a whole lot more customisation, cups to play through, and general eccentricity making the next even more entertaining than the last.  By the fifth instalment, you’ve got water-borne tracks and vehicles, through the physics have become a little disappointing with unresponsive movement from your rider. Uphill Rush 6 is where the series culminates, though very few radical changes are seen here in favour of additions to the vehicles, tracks, and customisation options. An old-school Harley Davidson and a full-on steam train engine are just a few of the vehicles available here, though the format and general mood is still the same: eccentric, outlandish, and ridiculous come as standard.

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